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Maeve's Swimming Journey

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2023 Toddler Highlights

2023 Advanced Stroke

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Orangecrest Swim School 
is Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely

Water Safety Classes


Starting your little one early can prevent an unforseen tragedy. It is so important to teach children water safety. At Orangecrest Swim School, we teach our swimmers how to back float to save themselves if they ever fall into a pool. YES! It's even possible to teach an infant to save themselves from drowning!

Advanced Stroke


Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, but it's also fun. By learning the advanced strokes of swimming you will open your child's eyes to new strokes which will strenghten their bodies and prepare them for competition swimming or a fun repoiretorie of skills.

Parent & Infant Classes


It's never too young to start! Tell your kid that you helped them learn how to swim in these parent participatory classes. You will be given the tools to successfully teach your child to be water safe!

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 "My son Easton (5) and daughter Madison (2) made tremendous progress in a short amount of time with their instruction, encouragement and pacing of lessons. They keep the lessons fun while teaching vital skills to be water safe. Our daughter had very little exposure to water and after several months of  lessons she was able to go under water and turn to her back and float. Our son is easily distracted and they kept him engaged in lesson with a firm and caring approach. Highly recommended."
                                                     - Kristina

"This is HUGE!! Love this instructor... If anyone is looking for a private swim instructor I highly recommend Bethany. She is AMAZING!"

                                                    - Nikie D.

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